I want to be the Girl with the most Cake (princess_vomit) wrote in courtneyandhole,
I want to be the Girl with the most Cake


Is it just me or do you feel like you are stuck in the 90`s.
I adore grunge/rock/garage rock music and I still love blonde hair and baby doll dresses with cute clips and mary janes!
Is there anyone out there like this too? Or am I just alone here...
Add me if ya like xx
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I feel that way sometimes. For me I noticed a lot of good music and times happened in 1999 (I was 15) and tend to play and get nostalgic of it back then. I'm already feeling like an old fogey because not much new music has sparked the same passion in me like it use to. Maybe it was because of my extreme teenage hormones and emotions perhaps?
Yeah I still get out the baby-doll dresses, hair clips, et al. I feel super-stuck in the 90s. It seems all the good music was made 91-98. But yeah, my nostalgia is bordering on aggravating.
I kinda feel I should snap out of it but hey I love it and why kick a habit of a lifetime!
I feel like that, only I was only born in 1992. So I don't remember much of it, but I am obsessed with reading about what everything was like, and my favourite music comes from that time.
I completely love the 90s. Always.


August 21 2008, 15:36:05 UTC 9 years ago

i feel grungier and more attatched to the 90's after everytime I do acid..and thats a lot...
Agreed <3 90s